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Origin Alloy Limited has developed and demonstrated a low cost, re-usable mould technology applied across a wide range of engineering alloys. With cooling rates tens of times faster than conventional sand and investment casting, extremely refined and higher performing microstructures are achieved.

Rapid solidification:
interfacial heat flux during solidification of up to 30× conventional casting processes – heat fluxes of up to 2MWm -2
Performance and life enhancement:
three-fold refinement of microstructures and reduced porosity
Highly efficient material use:
casting yields (finished part:cast weight) greater than 85%
Rapid development and low-cost deployment:
low-cost re-usable mould technology integrates with conventional casting processes and facilities to reduce overall footprint
Proven for steels, white irons, aluminium alloys and metal matrix composites for structural, lightweighting and wear resistant applications.


Origin Alloy are a licensee of the aluminium metal matrix composite A20X from Aeromet International Limited (Click here for more). A20X is recognised as the strongest castable aluminium alloy currently in commercial production today.
Through design-led modification of components to utilise the enhanced properties of A20X, the alloy has been proven capable of materially reducing component weight without loss of functionality. (Click to read more).
This lightweighting benefit was achieved in a low-volume, investment cast process. Origin Alloy are developing the Origicast™ process to enable deployment of the lightweighting potential of A20X in high-volume series production applications, targeting the automotive and truck markets in particular.

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